What is the "Adelaide to Port Lincoln Yacht Race"?
South Australia’s premier ocean racing event. Approximately 50 boats leave Outer Harbour/North Haven on Friday about 3.00pm) to compete in a 156 nautical mile race that takes them south west to Marion Reef at the foot of York Peninsula along the foot to the spectacular Cape Spencer then North West past Wedge and Thistle Islands and Dangerous Reef to the welcome of Port Lincoln nestled on Boston Bay.

What are the 4 stages within the race this year
The 3 virtual lines across the course and the finish line create 4 separate events decided on PHS handicap. If you do well in one stage you might win that stage and you PHS will be adjusted for the next stage. This is to encourage ‘cruiser races’ back into our race as not all prizes will be won by pure race boats. Time as provided by YB trackers and TopYacht ranks all yachts after each stage. The result sheet looks like a 4 race regatta. The idea came from this year’s Brisbane to Keppel race run by RQYS (see their web site).

Importantly the overall winner of the race is still decided by PHS handicap which does not change after the start.

What is the Lincoln Week Regatta?
Lincoln Week Regatta is South Australia’s largest sailing regatta for yachts, multihulls and trailable yachts. The Regatta runs from Monday to Thursday of the week following the Adelaide to Port Lincoln Yacht Race and provides a mix of inshore and coastal courses that make the most of the fantastic sailing in Boston Bay and among some of the surrounding Islands.

How many boats take part?
In recent years Lincoln Week Regatta numbers range from between 35 to 50 entries.

When is the briefing for the Adelaide to Lincoln Race?
This year's briefing will be held at the Adelaide Host Club, Cruising Yacht Club of South Australia ( Lady Gowrie Drive, North Haven SA 5018, (08) 248 4222. Registration is at 6.00pm and the briefing will commence as soon as everyone has finished signing it (approximately 6.30-6.45pm) on Thursday 14th February 2019. A minimum of two crew must attend the briefing and it is compulsory for the Skipper to attend.

When is the briefing for Lincoln Week Regatta?
The briefing is held at The Marina Hotel and will commence at 8.30am on Monday, 18th February 2019. The Registration is at 8.00am and the briefing at 8.30am at the Marina Hotel.

Do I need to book a marina berth?
If you require a berth then you will need to complete the appropriate option WITHIN Top Yacht. Click on the tab labelled REGISTRATION/ON WATER INFORMATION and select ONLINE ENTRY from the drop down menu.
Competitors are reminded that marina berths in Port Lincoln are privately owned and to accommodate yachts for Lincoln Week local owners actually move their boats out. For this reason if you are allocated a berth please use only the allocated berth and please understand that this is a logistic operation that takes some time for volunteers to bring together. Berth allocations will be provided at the Adelaide to Port Lincoln race briefing.

If you are towing a trailable yacht and booked a berth, please contact the Regatta Co-ordinator on the Friday or Saturday prior to the Regatta re berth details.

I am towing a trailable yacht to Port Lincoln.
If you require the use of a crane to lift your trailerable into the water from the boat ramp in the Marina on the Sunday and again to remove on the Thursday at the end of the Regatta week, please contact Dale from Shillabeer Crane & Mechanical, on (08) 8683 1098 or 0427 829 710 to make arrangements. Boat trailers may be left at the rear car park of the Leisure Centre at the Marina (closest to Parnkalla Drive, not the 'station' you may see if in the other car park) - the Port Lincoln Yacht Club accepts no responsibility for trailers left there.

Shore Based Contacts (for Race) - Mandatory
It is mandatory that Skippers provide two shore based contacts. These contacts should have complete details of crew aboard and next of kin contact details for each crew member. The boat's entry will remain inactive until the full details of the boat's shore based contacts are received by the organising authority. This detail is provided via the TopYacht system when you enter online. Click on the tab labelled REGISTRATION/ON WATER INFORMATION and select ONLINE ENTRY from the drop down menu.

Crew Eligibility
It is essential that all crew participating in the Adelaide to Port Lincoln Race and/or Lincoln Week Regatta are members of Australian Sailing. If you have crew who are not Australian Sailing members the Port Lincoln Yacht Club offers Membership Please go to REGISTRATION/ON WATER INFORMATION tab and select the sub-menu CLUB MEMBERSHIP to complete online form.

What documentation do I need to provide to enter the Race/Regatta?
Check the Notice of Race to ensure you can comply with safety requirements and complete the online entry form. Two shore based contacts will be required as emergency contacts. The shore based contacts must have a complete crew list with contacts for all next of kin. It is essential that all crew participating in the Adelaide to Port Lincoln Race and/or Lincoln Week Regatta are members of Australian Sailing. If you have crew who are not Australian Sailing members the Port Lincoln Yacht Club offer membership. Please go to REGISTRATION/ON WATER INFORMATION tab and select the sub-menu CLUB MEMBERSHIP to complete online form.

Declaring Life Jacket at airport
Allowance is 2 x 28gm CO2 cannisters. Please arrive a little earlier at the check-in counter. If you have the slightly larger CO2 please read this information & plan ahead - click here.

Where is the Race Office and when will it be open?
The Lincoln Regatta is staffed entirely by volunteers. Our wonderful volunteers will be in the Race Office at Cruising Yacht Club of South Australian on Thursday from around 10.00am until the briefing at 6.30pm. On Sunday the Race Office will be open at the Port Lincoln Yacht Club from 10.00am and Monday to Thursday Race Officials will be available before and after sailing at the Marina Hotel.

When can I see sailing instructions?
Sailing Instructions will be available at the Race Briefing on Thursday 14th February 2019 at 6.30pm. The Sailing Instructions will also be available on this site once finalised.

What are the Safety Categories for the Race and Regatta?
All skippers competing in the Adelaide to Port Lincoln Yacht Race must have a Category 3 Safety Certificate which may be audited by the Race Committee. Any boat failing the safety audit after signing the Safety Declaration form, will be declared a non starter in the event, and action may be taken against the owner/Skipper. The safety of our competitors is paramount. All yachts competing in the Port Lincoln Week Regatta must have a current Category 6 safety certificate, which may be audited by the Race Committee.

Do I need to produce a Safety Certificate?
By entering the race skippers are confirming that they have the required safety certificate. It will not be necessary to provide a copy of the certificate however the Club may carry out spot safety checks at random prior to the race.

Who sets the Handicaps?
Arbitrary (PHS) Handicaps are set by the Lincoln Week Handicapping Committee. While advice is taken from home club officials the Lincoln Week Handicapping Committee retains the right to final handicap decisions. During Lincoln Week arbitrary handicaps are adjusted using TopYacht. AMS and IRC Handicaps are obtained from the Australian Sailing listing and so to be eligible skippers must have a current rating certificate. Trailerable yachts and sportsboats use handicaps allocated to that particular design.

When will I know my Handicap?
Handicaps for the Adelaide to Port Lincoln Race will be provided at the Race Briefing and will be available immediately after the briefing on the web site. Handicaps for Lincoln Week will be available at the Regatta briefing on Monday morning.

Can I live aboard my yacht during Race Week? Shower/Toilet Facilities
Access to shower facilities at the Port Lincoln Leisure Centre (situated behind the Marina Hotel) have been arranged during their normal business hours for $2 payable at reception. There are 2 facilities available, 1 in the main pool area and the 2nd is their stadium shower facilities, please ask for directions at the main counter when you provide your payment.   


Saturday 8.00am - 4.00pm              |                Sunday 9.00am - 4.00pm              |                 Monday-Friday 6.00am - 8.00pm

Can I use spinnakers in the Cruising Division?

Yes absolutely. Don’t let the name fool you. Cruising Division is every bit as competitive as the Division 1 Racing. Skippers and Crew in the Cruising Division have a preference for racing around buoys and islands rather than doing windward leewards. Boston Bay is a spectacular location for this type of racing and offers a wide variety of marks including channel markers, yacht club buoys and spectacular islands.

Can I enter more than one handicap division?
Skippers can enter for IRC and/or AMS for the Race and the Regatta if they have a current certificate. An additional fee will be charged to be scored in each division.

Can I change my handicap class after I have entered the regatta?
Yes changes to classes will be accepted (subject to meeting the criteria for the Division) at any time up to 48 hours prior to the Race or Regatta. To make a change please contact Fiona on 0412299542.

I do not have a Measurement Rule handicap or rating, can I still enter?
To enter IRC and/or AMS Division you must have a current IRC and/or AMS Rating certificate. Arbitrary (PHS) Handicaps will be allocated for Racing Divisions and the Cruising Division. Trailerables will use Handicaps allocated for the boat design and Single Class fleets will not be handicapped.

Can I take my boats close to the Aquaculture Leases?
Port Lincoln has a number of Aquaculture leases in the form of Tuna rings and Mussel Leases. All of the leases are marked with yellow St Andrews crosses on the corners of the leases and are equipped with flashing yellow lights at night. Entry into the lease site is prohibited and is dangerous because of the potential to become entangled in submerged ropes.

Transport Truck - Adelaide to Port Lincoln
The Adelaide Host Club has organised a truck to transport goods to Port Lincoln. The truck will be available for loading Friday 15th February 2019 from 9:00 - 12:00.  Please contact them direct for more information.

Can I hire an EPIRB
Yes, you can, visit but EPIRBs must be registered to your boat.

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